We were met Rolex GMT Master Replica at the station by a bus, and after a 30-minute drive Rolex GMT Master Replica through snowy passes and breathtaking mountains, we arrived at our destination, Villeret. This is a magical Rolex GMT Master Replica place for people who love Swiss watches and appreciate the beauty of the area. Villeret is located in Switzerland's Jura Bernois administrative region. It is located in France's Bernese Jura (Jura Bernois). The village was first home to the watch industry in 1725 when craftsmen began making watch Rolex GMT Master Replica parts. Watchmaking nobles like the Blancpain family constructed houses, factories, and public areas in Villeret to attract skilled craftsmen. Here was the factory of legendary Minerva, now part Montblanc. Pierre Jaquet-Droz was also born Rolex GMT Master Replica there.As I was still in awe of my surroundings, we reached the factory. Omega and ETA greeted me. Since Peter's wonderful article (click here for it), covers the majority of the factory and its operations, I will share my thoughts. The assembly line is first Rolex GMT Master Replica and foremost a T1. This means that the assembly line is only used for one purpose, namely the assembly of the movement. For example, T2 is for the encasing of movements. It is done in another facility. It is important to note that this assembly is only for the calibres 8500/8501 or 8520/8521.Rolex GMT Master Replica

The operation Rolex Replica Watches here is a combination of machine and man. Both Rolex GMT Master Replica skilled workers and machines perform delicate tasks and each one is checked vice-versa. Machine checks man, machine checks man. Omega said that this was the best way to build these calibers. I believe that the combination of technology and Rolex GMT Master Replica tradition will produce outstanding results when they work together. Omega watches are not completely automated. I discovered the contrary, which I didn't believe before. The movement baseplates and the jewels for the watches are all set in the same building. They then move on to the assembly line, which is a clean Rolex GMT Master Replica room where most of the components are assembled by hand. This is an example of lean manufacturing. Special transport trays are used to load the baseplates into them. Each tray has its own identification chip that routes the part to the Rolex GMT Master Replica appropriate workstation. Operators can see where work is needed and bottlenecks at a glance with traffic lights in blue, green, and red.Rolex GMT Master Replica

A white working dial is Rolex Replica attached to the assembly line. The height of Rolex GMT Master Replica the hands is checked and cleared for rating before the movement can be sent off for COSC certification with its oscillating mass. It is important to note one thing here. COSC Rolex GMT Master Replica is an independent organization that checks movements and does not know the origin. This is why a white working dial was placed in every movement to ensure equality and transparency. The oscillating mass is added only after the movement has returned with its COSC certificate.I was impressed by the Rolex GMT Master Replica cleanliness of the assembly line, the facility and the overall quality of the product. I also heard omega tell us that they had a surprise in store for us. The interactive room featured special exhibit cases and screens that showcased the latest technologies used by the company for their watches. As our tour leader led us Rolex GMT Master Replica through each case, the monitors displayed a brief video. The components of an Omega watch were presented. The 8900 calibre was shown in detail. It also showed how its Rolex GMT Master Replica components are assembled. Cases of ceramic and steel were displayed in various forms. The watch was presented with its unique rose gold lustre.Rolex GMT Master Replica

Rolex GMT Master Replica

Our guide also showed us a machine that was designed to Rolex GMT Master Replica demonstrate how magnetism-resistant the new Omega watches were. The guide demonstrated by placing a regular quartz watch in a magnet (similar to the one found in refrigerators) and the watch stopped. He tried it with a regular mechanical Rolex GMT Master Replica wristwatch, but the same result was achieved. Then he used a Globemaster to demonstrate that the watch Rolex GMT Master Replica continued to run perfectly. This machine also shows the difference between the watches before and after magnetism occurs. What I discovered is that even though a watch is de-magnetized, a tiny amount of magnetism remains inside the case Rolex GMT Master Replica and can disrupt the movement's balance. Omega determined that this issue was a problem and decided to address it through the METAS testing. They also fine-tune the watch to ensure the deviations meet their requirements.Rolex GMT Master Replica